Congratulations for engagement: Poems for engagement card

Congratulations for engagement: A sweet poem can really make your engagement card stand out from the other hundreds of greetings a newly engaged couple receives. Write a short rhyme that talks about the feeling of love, act of commitment and the journey towards getting married. If your wishes are for a couple who are your close friends, think of cute and funny memories which you can weave into a lovely message. Be a part of the heartwarming moment when a couple seals their beautiful future together by exchanging rings which are symbolic of everlasting love.

1) True love is not a gamble

Even though it has no logic

True love is not a myth

Even though it feels like magic

True love isn’t always perfect

Even though it seems like it

True love needs to be nurtured

Over the years, bit by bit


2) Today the cameras are going to capture true beauty

Today people are going to witness love in its full glory

Today everyone is going to cheer for true love
Today the Gods are going to shine from above

Today is not just any other celebration

Today is the celebration of commitment and devotion

Today is an engagement like no other

Today I congratulate a couple who is perfect for one another

3) Forget the bank balances and promotions
As long as you can enjoy a cute cuddle

As long as you can make each other laugh

You will forever be a happy couple

Forget the luxury cars and 5-star holidays

As long as you can make each other smile

As long as you can feel the warmth in your hugs

Love will never go out of style


4) Whenever you start doubting your love

Whenever your relationship hits new lows

Whenever you think that it is the end of the road

Whenever life hammers you with its blows

Whenever you start questioning your purpose

Whenever you feel like staying apart

Just give each other a long hug

Look into each others’ eyes, feel your hearts

This is all you need to do

To overcome any of life’s troubles

Such is the power of your love

Because you are the perfect couple



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5) We are so happy

That you finally made it official

You are not just any other pair

You are precious and special

Our heartiest congratulations

To the to-be bride and groom

We hope that your romance

Continues to bloom


6) Don’t overcomplicate situations

Don’t let fights cause frustration

Love is best enjoyed in its innocence

Don’t spoil it with ego or arrogance

This card is a sweet reminder

That all you have to do is surrender

To love in all its glory

To be engaged and stay happy


7) If your love

Is deeper than the ocean

You will see sweetness

Even in each others’ imperfections

If you find warmth in each others’ arms

Even after a silly fight

Consider yourself as a lucky couple

Who will cuddle like cute puppies at night


8) The moment you exchange those rings

Of a lovely new beginning, it is a start

Engagement is not just about commitment

It is the coming together of two hearts

Keep your promises, stay true to each other

Support each other every step of the way

In the beautiful journey of your lives

We wish you congratulations today

9) Everyone will say

That you are a beautiful couple

But I am saying

That you both are just magical

When you are together

There seems to be a heavenly glow

Your true love

Makes me want to take a bow


10) With your love as vast as the sea

Your engagement was just meant to be

Couples like you are hard to find

Whose undying commitment is impossible to define

Your match is beautiful, just like your gorgeous rings

This is just the start of many wonderful things

I wish congratulations to the both of you

It is a pleasure to watch a couple like you two



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